Get to know the island of Vir!

Island of Vir | location

  • The island of Vir is located in the middle of the Croatian coast. Croatia’s most popular tourist region of outstanding natural beauty in the tourist paradise.
  • It is located in the northwestern part of Dalmatia.
  • Vir is a small island connected to the mainland by a bridge and has more than 31km of sandy, pebble, rocky beaches, all of which can be used free of charge.

Island of Vir | history

  • The first inhabitants of the island of Vir were Illyrian settlers. It was not until the eleventh century that the island was first mentioned. Nini was the territory of the Croatian kingdom. The oldest monuments are the churches of St. George and St. Nicholas.
  • From the twelfth century, Venetian rule followed.
  • Kastelina was built in the fifteenth century, when the Byzantine Empire besieged the Adriatic Sea. After the Venetian-Turkish wars, the island became completely extinct. The few families left here were engaged in cattle breeding and viticulture. Agricultural production has gained more and more ground.
  • Another decline of Vir occurred in the twentieth century when a population emigrated to America. The complete depopulation of the island was prevented by the construction of the Vir Bridge.
  • With the bridge, the island of Vir became one with the mainland. The locals just call the Vir Bridge the Bridge of Life.

Island of Vir | meaning

The name of the island comes from a former Dalmatian dialect word ueru, which means pasture in Hungarian.

The island of Vir

  • During the summer, the island is overcrowded due to the large number of tourists and the size of the island. There are plenty of private holiday homes on the island. Nevertheless, for the rest of the year, Vir is a friendly and quiet island and the uninhabited areas of Mediterranean nature have a landscape and a waterfront.
  • The red rocks discovered by tourists in the north offer a beautiful view.
  • In the Adriatic surrounding the island there are, for example, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, crabs, various fish and plants.
  • The only connection of the island of Vir with the mainland is a bridge, which is free.
  • The island of Vir has beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature, sandy lagoons provide extraordinary opportunities for swimming or mooring a boat. What makes it interesting is the island of Školjić, with its pine forest and long sandy beach, next to the bridge with which the island of Vir is connected to the dry land.
  • The entire tourist offer in Vir consists of private property: family pensions, rooms for rent, apartments or detached houses, often with its own marina.
  • Vir is a place where there are no hotels and mass tourism. Restaurants and cafés with cool terraces, taverns (Dalmatian inns), disco club as well as shops, pharmacy, doctor’s office, post office, tourist office, green market and fish shop make the offer richer.
  • Vir and its inhabitants are waiting for you to enjoy the atmosphere of the island of Vir together. Due to its central location on the Croatian Adriatic, the island of Vir is an ideal point for excursions as well as the beautiful countryside of the National Parks: “Paklenica”. “Kornati” approx. With 200 smaller and larger islands, “Krka Waterfalls” and “Plitvice Lakes”. Nearby is the ancient royal town of “Nin” and the 3000-year-old historic old town of Zadar
  • In addition to tourism, the inhabitants of the island of Vir are also involved in shipping, fishing and agriculture.

Island of Vir | weather

The strong summer heat is made more bearable by the cool, mistral winds blowing from Velebit. The mistral not only makes the heat more humane, but also favors many windy water sports. Vir is a surf and sailing paradise. Not only is it a pleasant cooling breeze, but Vir is also attractive because of its dozens of beaches.