Croatia is famous for its delicious and varied food. Here you can taste delicious food from seafood to piglets shot on coals.


There is a wide selection of delicious pastries in Croatia! Such is the Burek available in all bakeries, which is filled with meat, cottage cheese and cheese. .

You can get your appetite with a local selection of herbs, Badel Pelinkovac!

Main courses

The Croats use olive oil, grilled or skewered.

The coastal parts of the typical Mediterranean fish dishes and typical, such as tuna, squid, mackerel, brancin, sardines, girice, cancer or even the shells. In addition to the traditional rice and french fries, we recommend the local djuvec rice with letcho eggplant and the blitz potatoes

In addition to seafood, we can also eat delicious fried meats! The dishes made from pork, lamb and chicken are very nice!

If you want grilled or skewered food, Csevap, pljeskacica is an excellent choice! Served with delicious ajvar and white onions.or even the shells.

Drinks and desserts

We can taste very famous red wines (plavac mali)! For lovers of white wines, we recommend posip. 
Let's not forget the ice-cold beers on the beach! Drink a glass of Ozujsko, Karlovacko or Pan beer.

Feel free to eat ice cream (sladoled) as a dessert!